up my sleeve, part deux!

some time ago, i introduced you all to up my sleeve boutique & it's positively delightful owner, sarah laubinger (see my 'deep thoughts' over to the right... sarah did a pretty good job of summing up my thoughts on life). sarah & i have kept in touch about the goings on at up my sleeve & what's next for her fantastic line of nantucket basket purses, jewerly & gifts. the more we talked about everything that she was doing...sending baskets to oodles of celeb offspring (i have it on good authority that courtney cox loves the purse sarah made for coco!), & making bespoke purses for michelle, malia & sasha for their vineyard retreat... i knew i had to get one of her great purses soon, or risk missing out on the next big thing!

sarah helped me deliberate color & size, & we finally settled on a natural monogram plate, with a blue monogram - very shore aesthetic, don't you think?
sarah hand-made the monogram plate just for me! swoon!!thank you sarah, for my gorgeous, lovely, incredible purse (i could use more adjectives, but we'd be here for quite a while)! everyone should be so lucky to have a lifelong treasure like this!

check out sarah's shop here, & keep your eyes peeled for a whole new up my sleeve shop very soon!


  1. I love it. Very classic and it matches everything.

    It's sort of sad that you can't use it all year round!

  2. Love your new purse. It's so classy and the navy and yellow color combo are perfect!

  3. This is so gorgeous I think my jaw just hit the keyboard. I LOVE IT!