oh, the agony.

over at nautical by nature, kate has been inspiring me all week with her, 'look for less' posts & reminded me that i was in serious agony during a recent trip to old navy. while in high school & college, old navy was a great stand by for simple tees & jeans, but once i entered the 'real world', i forgot all about the great seasonal pieces that you can purchase for a song. i recently stood in old navy for a solid hour, debating over multiple items, multiple accessories & turtlenecks, & i'm still on the edge about a few items...

...how much do you love this little number?...and this?
i'm such a sucker for a great coat... prince charming emits a rather loud groan whenever i come home with a new coat... i might have brought home three new ones last year alone... oops!

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  1. I love the navy one but I really really love the second one!