eddie ross.

can i contain my excitement much longer? bff is on her way down to the shallow south to spend the weekend with me - we'll see the sights, drink the good wine & spend oodles of our significant other's hard earned money at the dc big flea market. it's a hard job, but someone has to do it, & helping us do it, will be none other than the super amazing eddie ross & jaithan kochar.
popped collars & big sunglasses? boys after my own heart...

check back next week for an update on our splurges & saves... i'm on the hunt for great candlewick hobnail to add to my collection. here's hoping!


  1. AAHHH Chesapeake City!!!! I was there in July for my friend's wedding and we had the rehearsal dinner right there at the Bayard House - LOVE IT!!!! Amazing!!! Great food and water view :)

  2. Oh my gosh... this sounds like the perfect weekend! How do you know Eddie? I LOVE him! I was so mad when he was voted off Top Design. He should've won. Can't wait to see your pics and great finds.