when i saw this post on mrs. lilien's blog the other day, i cringed. just a little.

not because of mrs. lilien's fab taste {she finds such pretty!} but because i might have to admit to prince charming & i falling into the matchy-matchy category a bit too often. mostly by accident {i swear!}

exhibit a: last year's jazz & wine festival at mt. vernon. running late, mr. f. & i squeezed out the door just in time to meet our group & discovered that we dressed nearly identically.if we had a dime for every time this happened...well... you get the idea.

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{people we love.}

the beach boys.
in their world, there are always cute girls in bikinis, sun that begs to be soaked in & the next big wave is beyond the horizon.

as a kid, i couldn't get enough of pet sounds or good vibrations. i wore out my parents old records & then two {three?} cassettes. no lie.
how could you resist such handsome, clean cut boys, with such pretty faces?

these days, the closest you can get to good music, boys in sport coats & amazing harmonies might be the warblers {i do love them so!}, but it's just not the same. it's not five guys who just truly love music, the beach & hanging out.

prince charming understands my love of the boys so much, that he danced with me to one of my all time favorites at the wedding.

because God really does only know...

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on being open.

i am quite certain that God has a rather extensive education in architecture... aside from being the Architect of the Universe, He has pretty good taste in fenestration. when a window closed, God opened a pair of gorgeous french doors right in front of me. huge, beautiful doors. i feel as if i'm going running through those doors, straight into the pool {fully clothed, of course!} squealing & arms flailing!

i need to scream something appropriate: cowabunga? geronimo?! taking suggestions now...

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