mediterrean afternoon.

does anyone else have a hankering for wooden boats, like i do? i about fell off my couch when i saw the photos from norman cook's boat (you know him as fatboy slim). the barracuda's such a classic, but norman's done the most amazing job updating her to be a chic, comfortable place to be on a warm mediterrean afternoon...
images found here, but originated here.


  1. There is a fabulous hand made wooden boat that been for sale on Rte 35 in Sea Girt (may still be Spring Lake...not sure) that makes me slow down every time I pass it. Swoooooon...

  2. Love Love Love the boats!

    I've been meaning to email you. I got the ice bucket last week. Oh my gosh... I LOVE it. Thank you so much. I'm going to post about it this week. :)