delightful, on a budget.

prince charming & i had a small dinner party on sunday - just a few hours after we got back from a weekend trip to louisville! i had preplanned the menu before we left, & asked everyone to bring something (wine, dessert, etc.), but i had neglected to think about setting the table! i was so inspired by last week's clambake tablesetting, i was desperate to recreate it in any manner i could...in an hour or less, & without spending money! so i searched my linen closet & came up with blue & white napkins, simple touches of yellow (corn holders at each setting & lemons at the center of the table), red made an appearance in our homemade sangria & table linens...i'd like to think we did just fine - all things considered!

we had the most lovely meal - chilled cucumber & mint soup, followed by oven baked chicken, fresh corn on the cob & biscuits, topped off with a strawberry shortcake trifle to die for! i just love being the 'housewife' - is anyone coming to dc soon? i know a certain puppy who would love to meet you & have sparkling dinner conversation...


  1. In under an HOUR? Amazing. I'd still be looking for my napkins, lol!

  2. Way to go!!! I'm impressed! The menu sounds delicious.