coyne & pinckney giveaway!

i'm so thrilled to be hosting another (!) giveaway, this time with the oh-so-fun, & uber-preppy coyne & pinckney! if you haven't been over to their site, i insist you head over there immediately. go ahead... i'll wait....okay? good! now that you've acquainted yourself with their chic notecards, stationery, gifts & monograms we get to have some serious fun. tell me what your favorite item was from their shop - & if you win, it'll be shipped out to you! how easy is that? (oh! britt & paul, the wonderful owners of coyne & pinckney, are so gracious, they've even offered something custom - so if you fall in love - like i did! - with any of their super cute monogrammed note cards, those could be on the way to you in just a few days!)

so let's get started! here are the specifics:

to enter:
* leave me a comment with your favorite item from the coyne & pinckney site (one entry)
* become a follower (or be an existing follower) & mention it in your comment (one additional entry)
* tweet about the giveaway (tell me you did/are going to do so!) (one additional entry)

so that's three opportunities to get your name in there! (all entries must be in by august 21st!) good luck!!


ps: check out their blog. they're doing their own august giveaway over there, featuring their super cute new palm & moon tees & a matching set of note cards!


  1. Great giveaway! I adore the Name and Monogram Gray Combination (50 Card Set)!

    Thank you for the opportunity :)

  2. I'm so sorry, usually I don't forget this, but I forgot to include that I'm a follower! Hope this still counts on my first comment :)

  3. I love the interlocking monogram one! So cute! Thanks for sponsoring this!!!

  4. Great giveaway, thnks for letting us all know! My favorite is the Lilly dress cards, but really everything is wonderful! I am a follower, so 2 entries for me please:)

  5. So cute! My favorite is the Wrought Iron Thank You Cards!

    I am a follower too.

  6. I love the anchor!

    I am a follower

  7. the adirondack chairs in nantucket red note cards are fabulous (just to reflect on this bummer-of-a summer in the NE)..I am so a follower..so that's a2-for-me! Just love the site!

  8. i love the small crab flat note set! so cute!

    im a follower of your blog!

  9. I love the Summer Shift card set! So preppy and perfect for summer. I am also a follower and I have sent a tweet out about this giveaway here:


  10. I love this stationary. What a cute couple! Hope your support helps them to succeed. Denise

  11. I love the Make Way for the Ducks flat cards. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    I am a follower! : )

  12. This should come as no surprise but my favorite is the Cupcake Stamp Small Flat cards from their Stationery section.
    I am a follower and I just tweeted about your giveaway :)
    Thanks for having such cute giveaways!

  13. I love the crab notecards! Can they say, "Laura's Crabby" -- 'cause that's pretty personalized. :-) And of COURSE I am a follower. Jersey Girls stick together...

  14. I love their stationary and your giveaway! I am a follower too. I love the Lilly dress notecards (I actually own that particular Lilly dress too!)