our practice child, pabby, turned twenty-one last week! okay. fine. she's really three, but three in four-legged years is twenty-one, right? okay. i know. it's not like i have a degree in veterinary science...

prince charming & i never pass up an excuse for a party - four-legged or otherwise. so we planned, plotted & arranged for the best four-legged twenty-first birthday we could imagine. pabby is something of a spoiled brat. prince charming treats her like gold & i might admit to going a bit overboard in the treats & toys category.

prince charming staked out seats at our favorite local spot, while i arranged to get an amazing doggie cake from our favorite dc doggie bakery. they did such a fabulous job! i thought i was picking up a regular 5" round birthday cake - but they went the extra mile & did a bang up job making the perfect cake for our 'pabst blue ribbon' (we call her pabby).she figured out pretty quickly that the cake was for her......so without a whole lot of fuss...
...she got down to business & wouldn't even look at the camera.
that piece was gone in a minute. or less. the owner of the restaurant brought out a plate of bacon for her - she devoured that, another slice of cake & fries that 'happened' to fall from prince charming's plate. somebody got treated right on their birthday!


  1. Ahh... how cute! Happy Birthday, Prince Charming.

  2. OMG cutest thing ever! Love it! Happy Bday Prince Charming! :)

  3. This is TOOOO precious!!! I love it!! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  4. HA! Pabby's first Pabst as a card carrying 21-year-old! ;-) This is pretty hysterical. Happy birthday, Pabby!