beachy bakes.

craving yummies lately. i blame stress... would someone please bake me itty-bitty, gorgeous petit fours? sure to brighten anyone's mood... preferably in cute little seashell shapes.
from here.


  1. Oh how cute... If I lived closer to you, I woud bake these and bring them right over. :)

  2. I think I need to buy this. Seriously! This is awesome.

    And I will SO be there on the 30! I actually started to put together a "tip sheet" today to send to someone, LOL! I'll do a "pre-show" post for sure.

    Someone on my blog just commented there's a townwide sale in Belmar this weekend...OMG! I loved being on vacation but I'm kind of loving being back online and plugged in. ;-)

  3. love this, I don;t bake or make candles but this would be awesome to have. I have bookmarked it and will drool over it until I finally get it! :)thanks for the tip.