nothing says tasty like a worn-in rugby on a football saturday... or on a slow sunday morning after polo.

prince charming & i met the wonderful people behind chukkerhead while at polo last weekend. we're head over heels in love with their fantastic tees, rugbys & polos. 'polo wear for the irreverant optimist.' delightful. i can't wait to wear in my blue & white striped rugby for tailgating season...

(all images via chukkerhead.com with apologies to kristen & tom... i couldn't possibly do their site & clothing justice...)


  1. I had to pop back over after reading your comment on my blog to say GOOD CALL on Barlow's, LOL! It was donated by the Avon Garden Club so I'm not sure where they got their "supplies"...now I totally want to go to Barlow's this weekend (I could use a matching one).

    Could have used one of these rugby shirts this weekend. It was CHILLY at the shore. And people ten miles inland said the weather was fantastic. Grr.

  2. Thanks, Stacilyn! Glad you're loving your rugby. Joe & I are looking forward to running the Marine Corp with NGS! Talk to you, soon - Alexis