vintage love.

i'm so glad i fell into beach town poster's site a few weeks ago. their vintage-inspired posters are so comforting to a clam digger away from the shore.

while they don't (yet!) have posters for the 'northern' jersey shore, they do have these gorgeous homages to exit 13... my second home.

my time in the outerbanks, etc. has been brief - but i love these prints of the golfing & yachting set.

they even appeal to the 'shallow south' - what's not to love about that classic shot of the washington monument? it's heart-warming, really... (wait - does that make me a washingtonian for liking it?? i think i'm having an identity crisis...!)


  1. I love vintage posters. I just found a blog called "Beach Vintage" that you might enjoy. I have it on my side bar under beachy blogs, but here is the link

  2. Oh how I love vintage posters. These are great. It's hard to get good ones in Australia. Many thanks for commenting on my blog. Looks like we all love the beach...

  3. LOVE these vintage posters. I really like the Hilton Head poster. So cute!

  4. I'm actually kind of grateful that my northern NJ beach town wasn't there...or there'd be something else I'd be buying. :-)

  5. Have you gone to www.Allposters.com they have all Jersey shore posters....LBI..Asbury..AC...they are great...Oh, I saw you over at Laura's blog...Sue..the original Jersey girl

  6. Hello from Beach Town Posters! I just wanted to send an update for the Jersey girls that we now have Ocean City, NJ; Atlantic City, NJ; Long Beach Island, NJ; Cape May, NJ; along with the Stone Harbor and Avalon.

    We also added lots of North Carolina beaches and some Florida beach towns.

    Thanks for all of your kind comments. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!