insert pithy statement.

prince charming & i like the finer things in life. we're what i like to call, 'investment piece' people. we understand the value of spending a little bit more to get a good dining room table, knowing it will last 10 years beyond the cheap-o one.

that being said, it's not always within our means to be 'investment piece' people. especially not when it comes to outdoor furnishings (insert pithy statement about the landscape architects not buying outdoor furnishings >here<.) we've lived in our current home for nearly two years & haven't bought a stitch of outdoor furniture. in our old place, we rushed out to buy a gate-leg table & folding chairs asap, but with this new place, we're uninspired. our 'outdoor space' (if you can call it that) is our third floor balcony & it does not have the same ambiance juliet's balcony did. please forgive us for being uninspired when it comes to our personal outdoor spaces.

starting this week, i have resolved to make our balcony lovely & more than a place to keep firewood & beach cruisers.

i love these pieces, & want to see if you can guess where they're from & what the total cost would be. play along, would you?


  1. I love outdoor furniture too. Let me guess... these pieces look expensive. Pottery Barn? $500?

    I tagged you on my blog. :)

  2. LOL!! I know all about interior furnishings, but zip about outdoor!! Looooooove that first piece though!!! no clue on the place. But I'm thinking more like 900-1200 a piece?? You have lovely, expensive taste!! ;-)