springtime in the city.

as lovely as the capital city can be this time of year, i get homesick for my city quite a bit. by my city, of course, i mean the city (as if there's another one... ha!)

i love this manhattan poster by jim datz. it has all the right landmarks & really is a good primer for newbies. maybe we should start handing them out to tourists at the tunnels & ferries? nah. we don't want to give them an edge...

this is the 2nd edition - limited to 500 signed prints for $48 over at three potato four (which, by the way, is full of lots more super fun-ness.)


  1. Wow, that actually does wonders for my sense of spatial relations in Manhattan!

  2. That is so cute! I wish he'd make one for DC (where we live now) and Philly (our home city) :)