momma always says...

...you can have taste without money! (now if only we could teach those with money to have taste...hmm...) i've listed the sources & pricing below... i totally think i'm going to go for option a - inexpensive & easily accessorizable (if that's a word, which is isn't...)

ikea $319.98

target $549.98

thanks to jill & jessica for guessing - i'll be sending a little something your way!


  1. I'm so sad I missed the guessing game play along!! I would have guessed that option a was from restoration hardware and that option b was from brown jordan :) Who knew you could get such great looking outdoor pieces as such a great price!

  2. Holy batman! Say it ain't so!! I almost ran off the road reading those prices!! I can't believe it....I'm in love, madly in love! You rock my dear!

  3. Oh! Pier 1 has some great colorful outdoor cushions too!! And nor expensive either!!

  4. Hey Stacilyn, I completely missed the end of this post, where you mentioned sending a goodie my way! Thank you so much... how fun!