i love thanksgiving. it's the best holiday. no gifts to buy, no excitement to feign when you get (yet another) pack of underwear from great aunt myrtle (she does pick out the prettiest designs.) no... on thanksgiving, you can sit back, relax with a glass of wine & the turkey in the oven. listen to the old folks twitter about the old times, & the watch the new kids actually tweet about the (potentially boring) times. you can express thanks & know that everyone else there is genuinely thankful to have you (& your stellar stuffing skills) at their side.
this thanksgiving, i'm thankful for all of you, & since i can't ship off a bit of my favorite applesauce to you all, i'm passing along these thankful(l) cards to you. just download from my site, print, trim & place at each setting. let each person write a note of thanks, to be shared after Grace (or during!) Let's all look forward to being full of thanks for another year.

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