an ode to pie, part deux.

this time last year, we discussed pie. specifically, our unending love of said pie.

amy shared with us that her grandfather would famously eat pie in only three ways: hot, cold & a la mode.

a man after my own heart. pass the ice cream, grandpa.as much as i may have waxed poetic about fruit pies & a traditional pumpkin (swoon!), let's not forget progress. let us pause to acknowledge all the amazing pie opportunities out there for us opportunistic eaters (or those who have the foresight to have only a second helping of mashed potatoes, instead of three or four... ahem...) to learn from the past & improve upon for the future.

i give you the sweet potato buttermilk pie. how could any part of that be wrong? (the other half of my brain is wondering how any part of that could be healthy, but i digress)

happiest thanksgiving wishes to you all.

{photos from here}

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