monday bliss.

just because it's march doesn't mean we can't be looking ahead to summer. drinks on the dock after the regatta & cute little sundresses & cocktail parties are just around the corner...here's a little calendar to help you get through one more month of chills & snow before we can start celebrating the arrival of peeptoe shoes & bermuda shorts.what are you looking forward to most about this summer?

{as always, if you would, please leave me a note if you choose to download this as your background. thank you!}


  1. I used this one! It's so cute and it will remind me everyday that I'm moving at the end of March! So I will be looking forward to quite evenings, clean kitchens, and TV with my boyfriend!

  2. awesome still loving all your Mbliss! I look forward to a 3 day cruise in Baja California and a 10 day trip to the central coast with B and the pups. the pool, ok I could go on forever!! Life is good no complaints!

  3. Hope you are surviving the snow and winter. It has been especially cold this year for us, so I will be excited to welcome in some sandals soon.
    Thanks for another background!

  4. I was totally rocking the peep-toes on Monday! Yes, it was a little chilly, but a girl can start dreaming, right??

  5. Staci..
    first time here for me..
    love the simplicity of your style..
    loved the march calendar..
    used it for..
    just because i like it!!
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles..