thanks to my dear friend, & fellow perennial window shopper, allison, for sharing with me what may be the greatest piece of beach prep recessionista news i've received in a long time: lands' end canvas has the classic sensibility & durability of lands' end, but is seriously rockin' the comfortably worn-in preppy look that we all love from jcrack - for about half the price.
exhibit a: the route 63 snap tote for $138. i'll bet you a pair of their perfect little chino shorts that this bag will never, ever die. it's a lands' end bag for sobbing out loud!

i'd share more pretties with you, but their site was especially hard to borrow images from... go check it out for yourself, & drop me a line to say thanks once you've seen the light...


  1. i might need to do some shopping...

  2. Love totes, bags... perfect for a weekend getaway, carry on luggage, or beach trip! Love it.

  3. Great Bag and I just checked out the Canvas site and the best part is that it is really only $138!!!