snOMG, indeed. our little rowhouse is blanketed with about 30" of snow, & we're indefinitely snowbound. (hey, ddot - any chance of a plow making it's way over here anytime soon?) in the meantime, we're going for 'long' walks (as far as the little one's legs will take her), & watching more movies than i can count.
after a romp in the snow on saturday, prince charming pulled out his favorite julia child cookbook & got to work on a cheese & spinach souffle. yes, my husband made us a cheese & spinach souffle. i'm a lucky, lucky girl.monday bliss will return next week after this brief, unscheduled hiatus... got ideas for future monday bliss? send them my way... stacilyn{at}spearcefeldman.com

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  1. Since it's going to snow again (I think?!) Monday Bliss can be a blank, white screen, lol. ;-) I thought as you as we were shoveling...we got about 11" in OG (and not a flake in NYC!) and we were watching the news in D.C. thinking we were definitely getting hit with the same as you. Now they’re saying 30” here this week. Ugh! Selfishly, I’m hoping for a movie day like you had. :-)