farewell, baby.

city living has taken it's toll on our priorities. what i once cherished, i now have to reconsider. space is at a premium. i'm crestfallen this week, because i'm giving up my beloved beach cruiser. my baby's been with me for years & we've been through an awful lot together. beginning in my early years, my bike was my transportation to the beach, the club, anywhere within a five-mile radius, really. in more recent years, i've added a gorgeous, padded, puppy-friendly bike basket for my four-legged bff. we've done more market trips than i can count.

alas - time to move on. last night, bff & i took one last slow, easy ride around the neighborhood to say goodbye. farewell candy-apple red cruiser. you've made me such a happy girl for these last twelve (12!) years.


  1. As a girl with three bikes (Don't. Ask.) I feel for you. :::Sniff.:::

  2. The puppy basket is SO cute.