a girl's gotta dream.

our kitchen is so uninspiring. i love to cook, but the counter space in my home leaves something to be desired. i purchased several butcher block styled carts, & when stained, they are really quite lovely - but the existing black counter tops, the 80s oak cabinets & the white appliances really irk my aesthetics. let's not even get into the linoleum. this will be the last rented-apartment kitchen i deal with. i hope.

in the meantime, a girl can dream, right?

i love the glass cabinetry here - would need a collection of ironware to fill gorgeous cupboards like those.
the oven reminds me of hoover-era appliances. i can't get over the tile - so pretty! love the texture it adds!
i love the juxtaposition of the farm house table with the french chairs. there's such a great mix of modern & traditional elements in this kitchen.
with a kitchen this crisp & spacious, i think any souffle would be possible!
all images via house beautiful.


  1. These are absolutely dreamy....I could pretend to be Betty Crocker in one of these kitchens for sure!

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