pottery barn had nothing on mazie.

growing up, my grandparents had the ideal retirement house in avalon - 1.5 blocks to the beach, walking distance to town, & plenty of space for the boat, the dog & the unruly grand kids. our parents loved to send us to grandma's house for weeks in the summer. it was fool proof, according to them. we thought the place smelled funny.

the funny scent came back to me this morning when my beloved cousin, m, sent me the link to these linens from pottery barn. yes, they're cute & beachy & clean & bright. but what makes m & i quake in our flip-flops, is that our grandmother mazie had these EXACT same sheets. only, that was 20+ years ago. so was mazie trendy? or just way ahead of her time? i digress - what i do know, is that i want this duvet cover in the worst way. if only to feel like i'm back in avalon again...

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