confessions of an old soul.

i'm an old soul. if i could retire today & putter around the garden, i would. i would also make my needlepoint hobby into full-time, & probably would paint more. a lot more. oh - my husband would also put on a few pounds because i'd be cooking all the pizzagaina & stroboli i'd like.

in the meantime, since i don't have time to make my own needlepoint pillows, i'm drooling over the coral & paisley ones from village house needlepoint pillows. while there are your garden-variety grandma pillows everywhere, these are chic, updated & oh-so-applicable to my home.
at around $75 per, they're a bit more expensive then your average pottery barn fare, but aren't they worth it?? i mean, look at the detail!


  1. I love these pillows. Wouldn't it be great to retire soon? :)

  2. These are adorable, my grandmother makes them too! I've found them for cheap at little vintage shops, old furniture stores etc... I've found them for as little $30!!!

  3. can i tell yoooooooou?? i'm glad i found this and you make me smile. :)