now that i've gotten another pesach with the in-laws under my belt (we had the loveliest time last night - prince charming lead the seder & we had the most yummy meal!) it's time to move onto the next holiday - easter! (quick aside: i'm methodist, he's jewish by heritage... we try to do a bit of both!) i'm itching to dye some eggs this weekend, & i'm in love with these (via martha, of course).

it's so easy, preppy & cute! why didn't i think of it before?? (duh! because i'm not martha (yet!)) i think i'm going to try printing initials out onto sticky-back...here's hoping it comes out as cute as theirs. (see the martha link above for the basic instructions.)


  1. Oh my! These are fabulous! You must post pictures if you are successful!! haha, Go Martha!! :)

  2. oooh. i haven't dyed easter eggs since i was little. thanks for bringing back the memories!

  3. I love that you celebrate both! I have a friend that once called her religion "gumbo" -- a little bit of everything. :-)

    Thanks for the comment on my paint color. It's BM Patriotic White (or as we call it, Patriotic "Not" White. :-). I loovvvvveee it. It's a fabulous beach color.