kiss me...

...i wish i were irish! there's no mistaking me, i'm italian, scottish & native american. even my dog's scottish! i'm a st. patty's day wanna-be. but who says i can't cheat on march 17th anyways? a quick collection of some of my favorite preppy green finds via etsy's color finder (thank heavens for that thing!)

adorable elephant pillow from blinkonmynose

puppy collar from 8pawscollars

alligator pencil case from rohmer

and quite possibly my favorite, the lilly pulitzer laptop cover from mabels *sigh* too cute!!

anybody else see some really cute green accessories for a wanna-be irish prep?
(ps: how good was gossip girl last night!!! i'm so glad it's back!)


  1. cute stuff. love the dog collar. my little norm would be your regular irish chihuhua with that on.
    happy st. patt's day to you.

  2. St. Pat was born in Scotland anyway (So they say. I'm part Scottish so that's the story I'll stick with. ;-)

    Love the laptop cover...there's a sewing studio by me that gives classes (which I need BIG time) and I'm thinking of making one. I had great fabric...that I can't find. Grrr. Hate when that happens!

  3. I did not know Etsy had a color finder! I can't wait to try it out!