capturing the old wave.

i love vintage swimwear & this old postcard from my hometown. it depicts a different place than where i grew up. people played on amusements at the beach, & the boardwalk wasn't just for gawking at bennies.petrie point designs has saved many of the gorgeous old swimwear & made them into art, that i'm dying to get my hands on!

i love the white suit with gold trim - so chic! where can i find a suit like that, these days??


  1. love vintage post cards myself. they do transport you to those awesome days when people made more of an effort to look chic and stylish wherever they were going. Also love those suits. I'll take the white one.

  2. That postcard ROCKS! Love it.

    I went on a house tour in our town this summer and one of the homes had a vintage women's swimsuit framed. I can't tell you how cool this "artwork" looked! (I'm sure it's on my blog from this past summer...I'll have to dig it up). Needless to say, I've been looking for a cool (cheap) vintage suit ever since. :-)

  3. I have a ton more vintage bathing suits. Just go to www.petriepointdesigns.com to see more!