have style engine, will decorate.

thanks to the bff for finding sproost.com. while we both have very distinct tastes, it's always difficult to find pieces to match our styles. sproost.com's style engine takes 10 minutes of your time to show you 15 different images of interiors, asks you to rate them, & ultimately defines "your style". the best part? at the end of the quick quiz, it tells you where & how to get your style. can it really get much easier??
my style (according to sproost.com, and it's so spot on) is inspired by classic nantucket, with touches of hollywood glamour. what's yours?

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  1. hi there! welcome to blogging. saw you pimping your new pad on gmail and came on over. i just did the sproost test--i am 71% nantucket and 29% rustic revival. i didn't see that coming! course, i guess there is just something appealing to me about fresh and airy surroundings. wishing my apt was more fresh and airy feeling right now! it is a neat test anyways. makes me want to go buy furniture. oh economy--why do you hate us?