in my business, you print large drawings on 24x36" sheets, or 30x42", or 36x48" sheets. these things are huge. huge.

of course, way back when, the paper people designed rolls of paper that are 48" wide, so if you're printing something smaller than that, you have to trim off the edges & you're left with these massively long sheets of paper, 6" wide or more. normally these strips go in the recycling bin, but after an especially large trimming session this week, i was determined that these strips would avoid the same fate.

thus, i give you: the cutest darn {free!} notebook. ever.
preppy & proper on the outside, sassy on the inside. five minutes construction time.i promise everyone already has everything you need for your meeting-proper, budget-appropriate notebook.construction is simple: trim a stack of paper to be the desired size (include about 1" for 'binding'). select an old file folder (bonus points for pattern & color!) & trim to be approximately 1" longer in each direction than the paper. using the existing folds in the file folder (along the bottom crease), fold a square binding into your 'cover' & insert your stack of paper. clip along the exterior binding edge. so easy!don't you just love a good freebie? let me know if you take on this little project - i'm itching to pick out more cute file folders & matching binder clips to make notepad gifts! i especially love the ones over here.

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