not that long ago, i had a meeting in my home town (how convenient!) that happened to be on a friday morning (even more convenient!) so i shrugged off the rest of the work week (bad girl) & high tailed it to the kitchen to spend quality time with my momma.

like every good sicilian, i love my momma's cooking & insisted that she, i mean, we make our favorite italian meat pie, pizza gaina.

ridiculously simple, the pie includes salami & capicola, provolone, & (wait for it) 7 eggs & parmesan cheese.
stretch your pizza dough into the bottom of an lightly oiled 9x13 pan. begin to layer your salami, provolone & capicola in neat (or not so neat) rows.mix together six eggs & parmesan cheese; pour half on the first three layers.layer more salami, provolone & capicola, & cover with a second layer of pizza dough. here's the part where it gets crazy: crack open an egg, scramble it up & pour the whole egg over the top of the pie.

just lay it on there.bake for an hour & let cool for another hour or so before slicing. this puppy tastes good cold or warm, it freezes like a dream & is the most delectable appetizer, meal, or snack with a glass of wine.
just another one of the perks of being a momma's girl, i mean, sicilian.

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