i resolve...

...to organize. while 2009 was a great year for me - starting a business, getting my life & finances in order, etc. - my organizational system at home leaves something to be desired. we all have our faults, right?

perhaps the most exciting thing about getting more organized is that, in order to do so, i have to go shopping. whee!!

i think i need a new laptop case... leave it to jcrack to make the prettiest one i've seen...i've been pining & searching for a great secretary to paint up like this one, eddie did. in my little capitol hill home, space is at a premium & i love the idea of being able to close up my work space at the end of the day...but not everything going into my new super-duper organized lifestyle has to cost money, right? simple canned veggies & soups can offer easy pencil & pen holders when wrapped with great wall paper or wrapping paper extras.
i love the idea of using a pretty napkin holder as a bill organizer...maybe not so much in the lucite family, but something along the lines of a tarnished silver flea market find would do...
...additionally, i resolve to be a much better blogger - things sort of fell off a cliff the past few months. i'll be back on track, asap. promise!

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  1. I have a secretary in my apartment and I lovvveee it. You can cram so much junque into those little things!! I used to use it as my home office and you're right...it's perfect to close up and tuck away your work at the end of the day. (Now it's a bar. :-)