color me red.

or blue, or white - i just can't get enough of painted floors. i secretly hope to purchase a home that has fantastic beat up old floors, but sadly, we don't have enough money to replace them upon moving in, so i convince prince charming to break out the rollers & paint.

imagine the fun i could have...
just look at those gorgeous diamonds. perfectly countering the warmth of the wood...my mind reels with possibilities...don't you just love the faux inlaid pattern? what a can of paint can do to dress up a space - top to bottom...[images from here, & here.]


  1. Ooo I should send you pictures of my Mom's floor...it was so beat up when they bought the house that they finally decided to paint over it in red and white checks.

  2. I am IN LOVE...I love the island in the first picture

    left you something on my blog!

  3. Ohh such pretty inspiration! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

  4. That spiral stair room is inspiring! We're doing an attic reno this year (yikes) and the only way to reach the widow's walk would have to be a spiral staircase (it's currently....a ladder. :-) LOVE that nautical compass under the stairs!! It's just been added the folder o' photos.