monday bliss. (sort of).

you all are saints. i should be flogged & paddy-whacked for being such a terrible blogger, but you all still love me. *sigh*

i owe you a monday bliss. coincidentally - or not so coincidentally, as it may be - i've just finished an adorable set of holiday cards in my little shop & was so inspired to share my design with you as this week's monday bliss. i do hope you all like it!
please leave me a note if you download this to use for your background...
(to make this your background - click on it to open a larger image, then right click to 'set as background'.)

i promise to be back on track asap. blame the holidays/business/family, yadda yadda. terrible excuses, i know...resume flogging as necessary.


  1. Love it! Just changed my background. This is perfect for South Florida winters (it is 90 degrees today!)

  2. I'm in love with the flamingos! I wish I had checked out your blog earlier. Can I still order cards for next year?!?