thanksgiving, a bit early.

our dear friend, a, is leaving today & won't be back until nearly christmas. where she's going, thanksgiving won't be exactly the same, so we banded together & made a full thanksgiving dinner - turkey, pumpkin pie, candied yams - the works!
the guest of honoramerican gothic, kitchen style.okay - can i get out of this apron yet?dinner was so good, no one stopped to pick up a camera...

...later, the candles started burning low & the empty bottles of wine started to fill the table......and the magic evening came to an end. safe travels, a - we love you!


  1. Y'all are such great friends. Your Thanksgiving table is beautiful but I'm not surprised. :)

  2. I love the idea of early Thanksgiving! I mean, why not, right? Avoid the crowded supermarkets...the hunt for turkey last minute... And you get to celebrate the holiday with your friends and save the "real" date for family obligations.

    ANYWAY...brilliant! And you are good friends to send off your friend A in such lovely fashion. :-)

  3. What a lovely send-off for your friend. Was that Cake Bread you were drinking? Love that...

  4. Hi, love! your blog. The dinner looks amazing--I'm soo excited for thanksgiving.