no more brass.

after quite a rainy & gross patch of weather here in dc, we've hit a warm spell again (i'm not complaining!) i took advantage of the gorgeous autumnal sunshine & headed outside to get started on a project i had planned months ago.

say hello to my sad friend, the chandelier. i saw him on craigslist, screaming for a new home outside of the 'free' section. i knew i had to have him - but before he could be part of our home, we had to have an intervention. there is no room for brass in my home.a quick rewire ($8), a coat of paint ($3), new shades (shades, $2 each & paint, $3) & a swag hook later, this sad little guy has found himself a new home.


  1. look at you going all Eddie Ross :)

  2. Looks awesome! Although now I keep hearing the phrase "No more wire hangers" in my head! (That's probably a personal issue.)

  3. Clearly I need a cup of coffee b/c when I first saw the headline I thought you has tossed your BRAS. OMG...

    The chandelier that was formerly BRASS looks fabulous! :-) Very crafty creative of you!!