coastal living outlined the perfect beach essentials - i love these items.what beach essentials do you love above all others? i swear by my boat'n'tote... you?

swim suite from ondademar ($216.00)
market basket from jeanne beatrice ($130.00)
sandals from old navy ($19.50)


  1. I would say sunscreen for sure, my beach umbrella b/c I'm pretty fair skinned, and then IPOD radio with Bob Marley tunes :) ohh-- and magazines :)

  2. I love these gold flip flops! Hard to believe they're from Old Navy. A friend wore them to our girls trip in Austin a few weeks ago, and I was having major shoe-envy the entire trip.

    My favorite beach accessory involves HUGE earrings, usually something cheap from Forever 21 since there's a chance they might end up in the ocean.

    Earrings are a must especially if there is a camera around. There's nothing worse than bathing suit photos sans earrings. Ha!

  3. LOVE that bathing suit!

    My favorite beach accessory is my big floppy black sun hat from Talbots - a must for anybody with fair skin!

    --DC Prep

  4. A good sized tote bag is always a necessity, and so are good sturdy sandals that don't mind the salt water!

  5. We enjoy reading your blog, love the title!

    Have to say, we use the extra large boat tote, and I do love it...but I always require a great novel and cocktail on the beach!