summertime parties.

when i ran to hill's kitchen this weekend to pick up a quick hostess gift, it hit me: it's summer. kids are out of school, parties are popping up all the time & i'm missing the beach more than ever. how did it creep up on me so quickly? did i hit the snooze button a bit too much & oversleep back in march? maybe i fell into a time warp & fell out in the humid swamp of a dc summer. whatever the case, i need to start collecting a few gifts to keep in a stash.

for the couple that always hosts on the 4th... personalized ice bucket from dabney lee ($60)
for when you want to bring that delish bottle of rose...personalized wine gift tags from horchow. ($24 for 8)
because nobody can ever keep their wine glass straight & every hostess needs a set, sea glass wine charms from east coast sea glass. ($25)


  1. What great ideas! I love the personalized ice bucket. I think I need one for myself....

  2. LOVING those ice buckets!! That is a perfect idea for a hostess gift...you amaze me;)