party with a purpose.

have you all been over to abigail's site, paper & cake? she designs the cutest print-at-home partyware. under the sea baby shower cupcakes, from paper & cake.

abigail helped a friend with invitations for a party, the results spoke for themselves & referrals started pouring in! while designing beau coup pro-bono invites, abigail came up with a great way to tie-in her initiations with her fund raising for the 50 mile ms challenge walk. (i know - can you believe it?? fifty miles!) abigail is offering to design free (FREE!) custom printable invitations, for any occasion - on one condition: you donate to the cause.

how could it get any easier? she's doing all the work! she'll design the invites, walk the fifty miles, & all you have to do is donate, print & party!

i'm so fond of this whole idea because my daddy has ms. he was diagnosed while i was in high school, & it's changed our lives forever. so, thank you, abigail, for putting your best feet forward for this challenge.

learn more about the deal, here.
donate to her site, here.

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  1. Such a GREAT idea. I'm emailing a link to my posse...I almost want to have a party just to order invites! :-)