i have good news, & bad news.

the bad news, first. since i have three-day weekends all summer, my blog will be having three-day weekends.

the good news. i have three-day weekends all summer!

i know, i know. it makes me feel like a bad blogger, but summer, is summer! i'm supposed to be taking our 'practice child' for long walks & jogs in the park. then coming home & cooking a delicious dinner for prince charming, only after having scrubbed the house clean, of course. maybe i'm supposed to spend the day on the beach - bronzing to a gorgeous shade of tan, then meet prince charming on the dock for drinks. ...or maybe i'm supposed to spend today tucked away with my puppy-dog, watching movies & drinking tea. yes, that sounds lovely.

(image via wreck pond partners, again. i really can't get enough of their work.)


  1. Oh, how I would love three day weekends during the summer.... you are so lucky! Enjoy it!

  2. No, no...that's all a VERY good thing! Good for you!! And we all need a bloggy break every now and again. Between work and blog love, I feel like I'm physically attached to my computer some (most) days.

    Enjoy your weekend. Yay!

  3. Ahh... I'm so jealous, 3 day weekends. We'll miss you on the weekend but look forward to the other 4 days of fabulous posting.

  4. You're not a bad blogger at all!! Enjoy those 3 day weekends....I'm insanely jealous!!!