bring on the chukker.

is there anything more handsome than gorgeous men on polo ponies (prince charming calls them polop-onies) charging downfield on a sunny saturday afternoon? i think not.
if any other washingtoniennes are heading to america's polo cup tomorrow, look for prince charming & i at the ngs endurance tent. we'll be raising awareness & interest for no greater sacrifice (ngs), & it's running team, ngs endurance. ngs raises funds to pay for the educations of american children who lost a parent to combat - there's a staggering number of children who have lost a parent to this war, & shouldn't have to endure another hardship or worry about their future expenses in education.

if there are any runners (experienced or not!) out there who'd like to join the team - you don't have to live in dc to run! learn more here.


  1. good luck, sounds like fun. No polo out here in SoCal that I know of, I wish I could join you :)

  2. hihi, was feeling sad that i'm still in the office in kabul at 10:50 p.m. and was almost on my way back to my shipping container home, when i thought to myself, what could i do to cheer myself up? 5 min on your blog and my blues have vanished. thanks, girl!