help me out.

can someone please explain to me why, at my 'advanced age', i'm still more attracted to pottery barn kids, then most of the regular pottery barn items? i enjoy a sophisticated home, & i do like what's in the pottery barn catalog, but when i open the kid's catalog, i just gush.

my trusted psychiatrists (aka: dear blog readers): am i jonesing for kids? am i headed for the looney bin?


  1. It's because it is just so darn cute!! It's like puppies!! Everything is always cuter when its smaller and colorful and more fun!! Pottery Barn for adults tends to be a little monochromatic for my taste.


  2. I'd be more worried about the loony bin if you didn't love the fun colorful stuff! I doubt you want to be 100% surrounded by it, but it's more fun to look at. Pottery Barn (the real one) always seems like the good-for-you staples, but sometimes you want a treat.

    I don't think it means wanting kids, although sometimes I think the best part about having kids will be having an excuse to shop in all the cute kids stuff.

  3. I have all the PBkids stuff on my wishlist for my place. Everything is so cute!

  4. welllll....my professional opinion is that you know what you want and like, and that just happens to be in PB Kids...oh and did they really have to use the name Tristan? I don't think you can get any preppier than that!