my fabulous first!

i'm so thrilled with today's news, i just had to share with you all! our office (well, more specifically, richard arentz, principal) was published in dc modern luxury magazine this week. the article features running cedar, an 84-acre country home outside of dc. see the published article here, and read a larger text version here. this is the first time in my career (albeit short), that i've worked on a 'published' project & i'm pretty excited about it! to see the work come to fruition, after all the hard work we put in at the office - it's crazy. i'm creating those places you see in magazines!! *insert a million, cheesey emoticons here*

i hope you all have a fabulous weekend - stay warm if you're getting snow like we are! if you want to see more fabulous-ness - go see simply seleta's fab friday posting. it always makes my friday go a little bit faster to see what else is great in other blogger's worlds.

(images of pages courtesy of dc modern luxury magazine.)