...letting them see me sweat.

simply seleta posted this amazing test by Dr. Max Luscher. it takes 30 seconds, & it breaks down your personality (like a rorschach test, but with color).

the one conclusion about me that i'm avoiding the most:
{...wants to make a favorable impression and be regarded as a special personality. is therefore constantly on the watch to see whether he is succeeding in this and others are reacting to him -- this makes him feel that he is in control.}

ummm.... no comment.

anyone have similar exacting conclusions? mine are almost too true to face.


  1. ha!!! haaa!!! no comment huh? oh yes. what is that nail on the head thing you just wrote me?

  2. my problem: protecting myself against my tendency to be too trusting, seeking intimacy in relationships where i know exactly each other stands.

    objective: seeks success. want to make my own decisions. does not want to feel dependent on good will of others.

    my are a bit too true to face as well. wow. just wow.