beat me to the punch. please.

prince charming & i are a few years off from offspring, but i'm jonesing to start shopping for them. would somebody please step up to the plate & start the trend?? i promise to send you lots of pretties like these...

dresses from thetrendytot.

lobster louie tee from brittainroad.

whale hoodie from vineyard vines.

okay - so maybe i'm a little applique obsessed. but please, don't make prince charming send me to the looney bin early - if i start buying these things he's going to think i've really lost it!


  1. These are ADORABLE!! Ugh, baby fever!! hahaha!!

    I left you a surprise on my blog! :) Happy Thursday!

  2. I Love that last VV hoodie. I really wish their kid clothes were just slightly bigger (for example, I can wear RL and Lacoste kids)

  3. Please send these my way! :) I'm 4 months pregnant tomorrow and haven't started shopping for anything yet... haven't even been looking online yet. And these are ADORABLE!

    - your Fellow Jersey Girl here in DC