long, long ago - i sailed a lovely little turquoise blue jay with my racing number of 4092. i begged & begged my mother to reuse those sails & make me a fantastic spray jacket. it only seemed natural. couldn't you just see me? tearing up the local regatta scene with my sporty little breaker, racing number on the back - my opponents wouldn't forget me or my little dinghy.

thank heavens for katherine, over at reiter8, for taking a good idea one step further by making these gorgeous items from recycled sails. katherine accepts donations of used sails, in good condition, for her totes, bags, purses, pillows & other accessories. the water-resistent dacron used to make sails is ideal for items like luggage tags & sail bags, but look how chic as a summer beach tote, or pillows on the dockside chairs. really - who can forgo something so adorable & so green?

bonus: if you donate sails (in relatively good shape) no longer of use to you, katherine will offer you a gratis custom bag made from your sail(s). how sweet it is!

(all photos courtesy of reiter8.com)

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