life, captured.

my many ambitions to become a dedicated scrapbooker have gone out the window. i completed three albums in my lifetime - mostly of european adventures & travels. the remainder of my visually captured life waits in boxes & envelopes - with the good intentions of being published someday. and to add insult to injury, i'm horribly insulted by the run-of-the-mill supplies available at the local craft store. and i certainly cannot imagine stickers on my photos of the colosseum, etc...can anyone preserve my memories properly?

enter dream woman, martha stewart! ms. stewart has once again saved the day with her photo books - easily created online & shipped straight to your door. did i mention, they're adorable & affordable??
i pine to use the pink one for a baby shower, and send the green one as favors for a summer garden bridal shower. aren't they to die for?

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