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i know there's been a moment in your lives (okay, maybe more than one moment), where you wish you had an expert you could turn to for your questions. you know those questions: how much wine should one buy for the office happy hour? does black go with brown in an outfit? where do i find the perfect gift for so-and-so's birthday?

send your questions to me!

welcome to the newest weekly feature: mind your ps & qs. i've collected oodles of tidbits, ideas, & how-to's over the years from a bevy of sources (the unabridged emily post, being my favorite), & tend to be the go-to person for close friends & family. submit your questions by tuesday evening, & i'll choose one per week to answer. thanks to my dear cousin emily for submitting the very first question.

'...i just bought new heels on piperlime (i never wear heels). the toe part seems a bit tight, but the length is fine and they don't slip off my feet. one of the reviewers on the site said she found the toe area was tight and wore the shoes with thick socks around her house and they stretched out fine. a) is it normal for heels to be tight at the tip, b) does wearing them with socks really help?'

excellent question! i'm still convinced heels were designed by men to torture women, but (we can't deny it) they make us look good! to answer your question:
a) yes, it's normal for heels to be tight, especially if they're leather.
b) socks will help, but you run the risk of stretching out the rest of the shoe, which you don't want if it fits everywhere else.

if you must wear heels, & you've purchased a pair that has a specific sizing issue (online shoppers beware!), try taking them to a local cobbler and ask them to stretch the leather a bit in the toe area. if they're a decent cobbler, they'll stretch them a little, & recommend for you to wear them around the house a bit to stretch out the rest. one of the joys of leather goods, is that they're intended to meld to your shape (gloves, shoes, etc.). don't stretch them too much to ruin that potential!

don't forget to send me your questions, & if i can't answer your question definitively, i'll find an expert who can! can't wait to hear from you.

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